Posted by:masta5
Date:2018-05-22 11:20:56



Posted by:masta5
Date:2018-05-22 11:22:57

Posted by:demelohs
Date:2018-05-25 04:46:30

Have you deregistered my account? Demelohs

Posted by:demelohs
Date:2018-05-25 04:46:31

Have you deregistered my account? Demelohs

Posted by:abuh2018
Date:2018-05-29 23:59:47

What a great app

Posted by:olowolayemo
Date:2018-05-31 23:24:09

I already open account an I paid 1000 and yet if I open this app it tells me to register now...

Posted by:11igor
Date:2018-06-15 09:13:57

I already open account but still telling me to register again,why?

Posted by:johnwilluche
Date:2018-07-02 07:14:36

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Posted by:johnwilluche
Date:2018-07-02 07:19:27

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Posted by:johnwilluche
Date:2018-07-07 17:14:08

coolnaira is the best...

Posted by:happizzy
Date:2018-07-11 13:22:07

There Is An Accident Occur At Ankpa

Posted by:funmilayo8
Date:2018-07-13 13:32:27

What is going on,i cant open my account again

Posted by:ekie
Date:2018-07-19 08:43:05

I cant open my account

Posted by:belema1
Date:2018-07-20 17:41:52

After registering and paying 1k, I still see register now. I keep registering and when I check upgrade account, I still see to upgrade your account, choose any product package but I have paid 1k. I believe it should show I have paid. Instead of telling to pay again. Please do something about all these

Posted by:belema1
Date:2018-07-20 17:45:07

Please I am tired of registering over 15 times. I have paid the one thousand naira. Please do something to the login and show me the username in which I paid under, make it easy for me to login to this username always. I dont know if my referral link is the one that I even paid under..

Posted by:anthogil
Date:2018-08-09 02:41:28

I think I am loving this app

Posted by:kinsman
Date:2018-08-10 17:22:23

How is the payment like

Posted by:paste4
Date:2018-08-17 06:59:50

How can I use this app pls

Posted by:debby890
Date:2018-08-19 07:46:04

What going on please I have paid the 1000 you ask me to pay but I havent received any confirmation link in my mail please do something

Posted by:debby890
Date:2018-08-20 07:08:33

Please guys I need help because I still havent confirmation

Posted by:milvertonukpe
Date:2018-08-26 19:06:00

I have paid and you promised 24 hrs upgrade time, what is wrong. This is close to 30 hrs what is wrong,?

Posted by:milvertonukpe
Date:2018-08-27 11:07:21

Is like these guys are up to something funny, please watch out.

Posted by:milvertonukpe
Date:2018-08-28 20:46:19

These guys are not gueniue people, they are scammers. Please you people should refund my money

Posted by:mino3
Date:2018-09-01 14:53:43

Your can I use this app

Posted by:hoseagayus
Date:2018-09-04 18:28:10

coolnaira is really a cool site for those who means business its really genuine no doubt

Posted by:ehijie20
Date:2018-09-04 22:50:38

lolzzz i jst cant stop laughing i have nt paid d money buh am seeing sad testimony oh